Second trip to HCM city

I was so happy for having a second chance coming back to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city), working as a Teaching Assistant. Thanks to my Professor so much for giving me this opportunity.

My Professor and I went to Ho Chi Minh city on December 9 to finalize a remote course at two universities: Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and University of Information and Technology. I was in charge of instructing the Vietnamese students doing their projects. Most of projects were completed successfully and I would say their qualities are comparable to USC’s students’s.

During these trips to Ho Chi Minh city, I saw quite a lot of differences between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh city is more westernized than Hanoi while Hanoi is more traditional. In fact, District one in HCM city is “great”. During the holiday season, I saw in everywhere, Christmas trees, local people, tourists, luxury hotels, shopping centers with a lot of brand names.

In contrast to District one, I and my Prof spent one day round trip to Mekong Delta. It was a true experience. We spent roughly three hours on boat. Between the time, we went to local people houses, saw how do they make food, saw how they sing to enlighten their life. Indeed, they sing to make this place less boring (not many people living there). After the trip, I understood why do the local people need to trade on boat in Mekong Delta…

The picture below was taken at the beginning of the three hours on boat.